We provide an incredibly well-rounded and well-designed series of tinctures that are both effective and delicious. With a focus on improving each part of our day, our tinctures are infused with a flavor that corresponds to every part of your day.

SMPLSTC’s CBD Oil Tinctures

Whether you want a blood orange and strawberry flavored tincture to go with your morning smoothy. Or a honey and lavender flavored tincture to compliment your sleepy time tea in the evening, SMPLSTC CBD has the perfect hemp oil tincture for the occasion. We design our tinctures to fit seamlessly into your life no matter what the day has in store for you.

Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Full-spectrum CBD includes all the naturally-occurring terpenes and cannabinoids of the original hemp plant. This creates an “entourage” effect that can produce many additional healing properties. Both terpenes and cannabinoids can help increase the absorption of CBD as well as increase the overall experience of consuming CBD oil. Our Organically made, Full Spectrum CBD oil tinctures bring you all of the best attributes of the cannabis plant.

High-Quality CBD Oil

Our Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures are made from carefully selected hemp plants to produce high-quality oil. CBD tinctures last a long time. As opposed to topical CBD products that are absorbed through the skin, our CBD tinctures are directly absorbed into the bloodstream. This results in fast-acting, long-lasting benefits. Find out more about CBD Tinctures on our Blog and our CBD 101 Page Resource page.

Our CBD Oil Extraction Process

Our cannabis plants are grown naturally, without pesticides or harmful chemicals.  Once they are cultivated, they undergo a CO2 extraction process. We use a highly pressurized carbon dioxide extraction technique.  This allows us to preserve the most beneficial phytochemicals from the hemp plants.  We prefer to use this natural process because we want our CBD oil cartridges to provide maximum benefits without any harmful chemicals.

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