CBD Topicals

SMPLSTC CBD offers a line of full-spectrum CBD Topicals, including Roll-Ons and Salves.   Our CBD Topicals are designed to fit easily into your lifestyle.  Whether you need them at the gym, work, or just hanging around the house, our CBD topicals are designed to be easy to use whenever you need a little relief. 

SMPLSTC CBD Topical Solutions

Our new line of Topicals are great for sore muscles and cramps.  Simply apply the Roll-On or Salve to the area that needs relief and our blend of pure, full-spectrum CBD and essential oils will do the rest. 

Our Easy to Use Topicals

 Our topical products are perfect for people who are new to CBD.  If you want to experience the benefits of CBD without vaping or ingesting it, our Roll-Ons and Salves will be perfect for you.  They get absorbed into your skin, not through your bloodstream.  This creates a therapeutic effect that is localized directly into the desired area.  Just apply as needed, without the worry of proper dosage.

Made from Natural Ingredients

SMPLSTC’s CBD topicals are made with cannabidiol extracted from high-quality, organically grown hemp. We use ingredients that are designed to maximize the benefits of each of our products. Our CBD topicals also include ingredients like Eucalyptus Oil, Camphor Essential Oil, and Menthol Crystals which are designed to provide soothing,  long-term effects.

Full-Spectrum CBD Salve


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