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SMPLSTC CBD What Form of CBD is right for you?

Which Forms of CBD Are Right for You?

CBD Cannabidiol Oil, or CBD oil for short, has been a hot topic in recent years for all the benefits it can lend to those who take it. However, most people don’t realize how many ways you can take CBD oil. There are 5 different ways to take it and receive the effects you’re looking for.

The forms of CBD should be carefully considered so you can find the right one for you.

Here is a description of each form and how to find the best fit for your needs.

Different Forms of CBD

Many companies have their own unique methods of extracting CBD. However, it tends to lean on any combination of using carbon dioxide, liquid solvents, oil infusions, or distilling the CBD.

From there, they are turned into one of the 5 forms below for you (the customer) to intake.

Sublingual (Sprays, Oils, and Tinctures)

Sublingual forms of CBD are made to be taken verbally, in hopes to hit your bloodstream and have the effects kick in quicker.

To take the CBD in sublingual form, lift your tongue and place the CBD Oil Tincture under it. Hold it there for a full minute to ensure that it hits the bloodstream as best as it can.

How is that possible? You may be asking. The CBD oil is absorbed by your mucous membranes, and it hits your body a lot quicker when going that route.

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Transdermal (Patches)

To take a transdermal patch of CBD, simply choose a portion of your upper arm to place the patch.

It’s best to find a spot that’s almost (if not completely) hairless to make sure the patch stays on. Be warned that patches can cause irritated skin, so try to avoid any dry skin areas you have.

It’s important to apply the patch to a different spot on your arm each day.

Oral (Edibles, Beverages, Oils)

One of the most common ways of taking CBD is to take it orally. Companies have come up with different snacks such as gummies, cookies, and chocolate bars to help you ingest CBD.

This method is pretty self-explanatory. Simply eat or drink the CBD edible or beverage for it to be digested and hit your bloodstream.

Another clever trick is to mix your oils with a smoothie for a delicious way to intake the CBD whenever you need it.

Topical (Lotions, Serums)

Topical uses for CBD are usually targeted at relieving things like joint pain, swelling, rashes, and acne to name a few.

To use topical CBD you simply rub it into the areas that are causing you pain, add it a few times a day for the most relief, but make sure to only use it as directed.

It’s a super useful way to take CBD for issues relating to the muscle, joint, and skin dilemmas you’re having.

Vaping or Smoking

Typically, vaping or smoking CBD Oil cartridges is mainly used to target brain activity and things to do with the nervous system.

It can help relieve seizures, headaches, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and many other diseases involved with the brain.

Be sure to only use the recommended dosage. Use as directed and witness the benefits of more peace-of-mind as well as other improvements to your health you hadn’t previously considered.

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How to Choose the Right Form for You

As you have probably noticed, certain forms of CBD are used to treat specific dilemmas that you’re having with your health.

However, that’s not the only thing that you should consider. Also, take the time to consider your daily life and how CBD fits in.

What forms will be easiest to take when you’re on the go? Which ones (if any) will cause more hassle than good?

Do a Trial Period

You may also find yourself intrigued by a few different forms of taking CBD. There’s no harm in trying a few different ways and seeing which way you enjoy best.

What you may find is that you enjoy taking a few different forms in rotation. Maybe you’ll want to take the tinctures one month and then vape a CBD cartridge the next.

Whatever the case may be, running a trial period for any of the forms you’re interested in will help you filter it down. From there you can have a better understanding of which one is the best for you.


Odds are that you’ve had a few family members and friends that take CBD in various forms. Ask them for their advice and why they choose to intake it in the form that they do.

Take it with a grain of salt, however, as what works for them may not have the same effect for you.

For example: while they may be taking it for depression, you may be taking it for heart health. Take that into consideration as you listen for their feedback.

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Find the Form of CBD That’s Right for You

The many different forms of CBD offer you the chance of finding the best option for your situation.

We can recommend the various forms all we want, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which form you enjoy best.

Be sure to read this article for a glossary of CBD terms to familiarize yourself with as you research a bit more.

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