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A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking With CBD

New to cooking with CBD? Ready to try your hand at every day, sweet, or savory CBD recipes? You’ve come to the right place! Consider this your how-to beginner’s guide on cooking with CBD.

Experience not required – whether you’re new to cooking or new to using CBD, this article can help you. Follow the guidelines, browse our suggested recipes, and start cooking!

How to Cook With CBD

The easiest way to start cooking with CBD is to use CBD oil. CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and has no psychoactive effects. The oil resembles any other cooking oil you might see in the grocery store – olive oil, vegetable oil, or coconut oil.

You can also use tinctures for cooking with CBD. You can purchase CBD oil and CBD tinctures online. Select the type of oil you want to use and then read these tips on cooking with CBD oil.

Tip #1: Do Not Overheat

If your CBD oil overheats, the effects of the CBD will be less potent. CBD has been seen to provide effects for stress, anxiety, and pain.

When cooking with CBD oil, do not heat over 320˚F. Look for recipes that incorporate CBD into food once it’s already been cooked or baked. For example, you could make CBD icing for cinnamon buns without baking the CBD into the dough. Or you could use CBD for a chilled sauce to go on top of chicken or beef.

Tip #2: Pair With Other Healthy Fats

CBD is fat-soluble, so your body will absorb it better when other fats accompany it. To get the most out of your CBD recipes, try adding another oil high in fat like olive oil or avocado oil. The two compounds will stick together, and the CBD will have stronger effects.

Tip #3: Be Mindful of Dose

Even though CBD is safe, you need to be mindful of how much you consume, especially when adding it to food. Carefully measure the CBD oil when using it and be patient when waiting for the effects. It takes time for your body to digest and absorb the CBD.

Check the dose size for any CBD recipe to avoid consuming too much. And if it’s your first time cooking with CBD, start with a smaller dose to see how it makes you feel.

Tip #4: Careful About Mixing With Alcohol

Adding CBD to alcoholic drinks is still a relatively new trend and has been prohibited by the FDA for sale from beverage companies. However, you may choose to add a safe amount to alcoholic drinks on your own.

There is currently minimal research on mixing CBD with alcohol, but initial findings suggest that it is safe in moderation. If you consume alcohol with CBD, you should not drive. Always make informed decisions about your CBD and alcohol consumption.

CBD Infused Recipes

The easiest way to start using CBD in food and drinks is to add it to things you already eat and drink. For example, try a few drops of CBD oil in a morning smoothie. Pack it with fruit, veggies, and yogurt to get your morning started on the right note. Or dry it in your daily cup of coffee!

You can also use CBD oil in salad dressing. Use one part CBD oil and olive oil along with balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and other spices to make an easy dressing for a green salad. You can also drizzle the CBD and olive oil mixture over your favorite pasta!

CBD can also be used to make butter. All you need to do is melt butter on low heat and add the CBD. Refrigerate the butter and use it on toast, muffins, or anywhere you would normally use butter!

Keep reading for more ideas on CBD infused foods!

CBD Snacks

You can add CBD to your favorite snacks for a tasty treat in the middle of the day. Here are a few ways to use CBD in snacks:

  • CBD guacamole
  • CBD hummus
  • CBD bruschetta
  • CBD flatbread pizza

Many snack items that you can add olive oil to you could also add CBD oil to. For example, for the flatbread pizza, try using tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil with a CBD and olive oil drizzle on top – delicious!

Savory CBD

Looking for savory CBD items to add to your menu. Consider one of these savory CBD infused foods:

  • CBD pesto
  • CBD mashed potatoes (using CBD butter)
  • Slow cooker CBD spaghetti and meatballs
  • CBD pasta carbonara

Again, most foods with healthy fat are great to pair with CBD. Think about recipes you use butter, oil, or cream – add CBD oil and you have a delicious, relaxing meal.

Sweet CBD

Now for the list you’ve all been waiting for – sweets! You can use CBD inside your favorite chocolate brownies or peanut butter cookies. Baking with CBD can be tricky because you don’t want the oil at too high of a temperature. Adjust your recipes to keep the oven at a maximum of 350 degrees for best results.

CBD brownies and cookies can incorporate CBD butter or CBD oil into the recipe with the desired dose. Using a little regular butter or oil will help with the consistency of the baked goods and make the CBD more effective. Here are a few other ideas for sweet CBD recipes:

  • CBD snickerdoodles
  • CBD caramel sauce
  • CBD chocolate mousse
  • CBD peanut butter chocolate bites

Whatever you choose to bake, be mindful of servings and dose. Be conservative if you aren’t familiar with cooking with CBD yet.

Get Cooking With CBD

Now that your creative cooking juices are flowing and your stomach is growling – it’s time to try cooking with CBD. Follow the tips above and start with a simple recipe and a moderate dose. Remember that it takes more time for the effects to kick in because you have to digest the food.

Consult with your doctor or a nutritionist if you’re worried about how cooking with CBD may affect you. Only use CBD from a company or brand that you trust. Please take a look at our inventory online and purchase high-quality CBD tinctures right from the website!

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