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Can You Use CBD During a Tolerance Break?

There’s a reason why 80% of people who’ve heard of CBD support its use. More people than ever before are coming around the medical benefits that come with taking these popular types of cannabinoids.

However, CBD might have another hidden use: helping heavy cannabis users take tolerance breaks. CBD can help with many of the side effects that come with marijuana withdrawal. 

So, will taking CBD during a tolerance break affect your tolerance at all? In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about using CBD during your tolerance breaks. But first, let’s take a closer look at what tolerance breaks are and why they’re important. 

What Is a Cannabis Tolerance?

Cannabis tolerance is something that builds up over time the more you take cannabis. Specifically, it deals with the cannabinoid known as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and the way it affects the receptors in our brains.

When you consume cannabis with THC it binds to your CB1 receptor in your nervous system. The more you use these receptors, the less effective they become at binding with the THC.

The result is reduced effects when it comes to enjoying cannabis. You will need more cannabis to get the feeling that previously came with just smoking a little.

So how long does it take for a cannabis tolerance to develop? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. That’s because it depends on a variety of factors, like the strength of the cannabis, how often you use it, and your biology. 

What Is a Tolerance Break?

Cannabis tolerances can be discouraging for regular users that miss the intense feelings that come with early cannabis use. However, the good news is that it’s not hopeless. It’s possible to reset your tolerance. How? Easy: with a tolerance break. 

Scientists studied the brain and found that the CB1 receptors can recover over time and reset to their previous levels. All that you need to do is take a break from using cannabis with THC in it.

There’s no set length to how long a tolerance break should last. Unfortunately, there’s not enough research on the subject to confirm the correct amount of time. However, it’s clear from anecdotal evidence that tolerance break length depends on the strength of your current tolerance.

For lighter users, a tolerance break might only need to last a few days for noticeable results. However, it might take up to a month for heavy users to feel similar results. Generally, the recommended length for a tolerance break is two weeks. 

Why Are Tolerance Breaks Hard?

Tolerance breaks are different for everyone. However, they’re particularly difficult for heavy users. Why is this? The more you use the substance, the worse the withdrawal symptoms will be when you stop using.

While these side effects of cannabis aren’t dangerous or severe, they are intensely uncomfortable. Here are some of the common symptoms:

  • Mood changes
  • Lack of appetite
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Intense cravings for cannabis
  • Lack of focus
  • Increased feelings of anxiety or depression
  • Chills and night sweats

Can You Use CBD During a Tolerance Break? 

The good news is that CBD, the other popular cannabinoid, can be used during tolerance breaks. CBD, or cannabidiol, doesn’t deplete your CB1 receptors in the same way as THC. This means that you can use it without it affecting your tolerance.

Unfortunately, CBD won’t get you high. However, it will provide you with a variety of benefits that help counteract the symptoms of cannabis withdrawal.

For example, it can help manage anxiety, pain, and insomnia — all symptoms of THC withdrawal. Best of all, it’s safe to use CBD every day

What Is Cannabinoid Cycling?

Cannabinoid cycling refers to a process of switching between different cannabinoids on a week to week or day to day basis. As we mentioned THC and CBD are the popular cannabinoids to switch between.

However, they aren’t the only options to choose from. There are two different types of THC — Delta 9 and Delta 8. Delta 9 is the type of THC that’s commonly found in cannabis products. However, Delta 8 is a lesser-known version.

It combines the relaxing effects of CBD with some of the euphoric feelings associated with Delta 9. In addition to these two, there are also other ones to try, like CBG and CBC. Finding the right cycle of cannabinoids to switch between can make your tolerance breaks much easier. 

Other Tolerance Break Tips

Many heavy cannabis smokers miss the ritual of smoking more than the high feelings that come with it. If you fall in this category, then consider smoke vape or flower strains that are high in CBD.

Products like this, that use hemp, contain little to no THC in them. This can provide the taste and relaxing effect of smoking without the high and tolerance increase. If you’re curious about what it’s like smoking CBD, then check out this guide here. In addition, we also recommend staying busy.

Try working out more if you can. This will provide you with endorphins that help your mood and sleep. Plus, it will speed up your tolerance break. Since THC is stored in the fat cells when we use it, working out can help speed up the natural breakdown. 

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We hope this article helped you answer the question, Can I use CBD during a tolerance break? As you can see, CBD and cannabinoid cycling are great ways of getting through difficult tolerance breaks. Unfortunately, there isn’t much academic research on the subject.

As such, it will involve some personal experimentation until you find a combination of CBD and THC that work for you. While finding CBD products is easy, it’s often much harder to find good CBD products. So, how do you make sure that your supplier is offering your quality, tested products? Simple: just go through SMPLSTC. If you want to explore our full line of tinctures, gummies, pre-rolls, and topicals, then check out our product page now.

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