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5 Things You’ll Love About CBD Pre-Rolls

Smoking CBD pre rolls is one of the most convenient ways to consume CBD hemp flower. Despite this ease, it doesn’t take away any therapeutic and flavorful benefits. It’s made from the same CBD-rich flower that’s a safe and non-addictive substance.

There are many ways of taking CBD, from smoking, vaping, to cooking it into food. CBD pre-rolls are ready-made CBD joints. This means you can light up a CBD pre-roll and take a hit with all its benefits straight out of the package.

If you’re curious about CBD pre-rolls, then read on! Here are 5 things you’ll love about CBD pre-rolls.

1. The Effects Kick in Immediately

Other forms of taking CBD take some time to kick in. In contrast, CBD pre-rolls usually give you the full effects of cannabidiol in less than a minute.

When you take CBD by oral ingestion, your liver must first process it before it can enter your bloodstream. The digestion process can take about 30-60 minutes.

Meanwhile, smoking a CBD pre-roll skips your liver and the necessary digestion process. This is thanks to your lungs’ alveoli, the small sacs that send oxygen to the blood.

The alveoli tend to quickly process whatever you inhale. Being carried with the oxygen entering your blood, it takes less than a minute for inhaled CBD to reach the central nervous system.

The effects of inhaled CBD are also more potent than those of other ways of ingestion. The body only uses around 13-19% of orally-ingested CBD. By contrast, the lungs can process as much as 56% of inhaled CBD.

You can expect the relaxing effects of CBD to start from the moment you take a hit from the pre-roll. Within 1-5 minutes, the CBD effects will have spread through your body and take full effect.

2. You Can Enjoy All the Flavors and Aromas of Cannabis

Despite CBD pre-rolls convenience and accessibility, they still have the full aroma of cannabis. Cannabis’ distinct smell comes from the chemical compound terpenes. Another aromatic compound, flavanoids, are also present yet with a secondary role.

Dozens of terpenes are present in cannabis strains. Individual terpenes have a unique chemical structure. This means each strain of CBD hemp will have a distinct aroma.

This is best-enjoyed if they’re made from high-quality flowers and underwent careful processing. You can expect the CBD pre-rolls to express the aromas of their strains.

A distinct flavor also comes with terpenes’ aromatic properties. Smoke a CBD hemp joint and taste the flavors of citrus, mango, lavender, or pepper.

Terpenes also have medicinal benefits.  Some have antimicrobial properties and others have antioxidants.

3. CBD Pre-Rolls Are Relaxing

The relaxing effects of CBD pre-rolls can help you relieve stress. When you need a break, you can take a CBD joint to take the edge off your stress.

Smoking CBD can be more enjoyable than tobacco. There’s unpleasantness in smoking tobacco that regular smokers get used to. Although first-time cigarette smokers will be quick to notice this unpleasant tinge.

Meanwhile, CBD pre-rolls have a more smooth smoke that doesn’t have the drag of tobacco. It also doesn’t have the foul breath that comes with smoking tobacco. Some strains can even add more dimensions to the relaxing effects of CBD pre rolls.

Sativa-dominant strains have an energetic boost alongside the relaxing sensation. Meanwhile, Indica strains give a more sleepy effect. Hybrid Indica/Sativa strains balance the feelings of Sativa’s energy and Indica’s calm.

Scientists have also been studying how CBD helps with anxiety, depression, and seizures.

4. It Doesn’t Get You High

Despite the relaxing effects of CBD, it can’t make you high. CBD flower contains lower levels of THC than medical or recreational cannabis strains.

There’s less than 0.3% THC in a CBD pre-roll. This means there isn’t enough THC in CBD joints that can accumulate in your system and cause intoxication. Federal law also prohibits hemp products from containing more THC.

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the natural compounds found in the cannabis flower along with THC. Both CBD and THC have psychoactive effects yet in different manners.

THC makes you high by stimulating cannabinoid-specific neuroreceptors like CB1. This produces dopamine, the main hormone for pleasure. Increased levels of dopamine through this process triggered by THC lead to intoxication.

CBD doesn’t trigger this dopamine rush because it doesn’t stimulate the CB1 receptor. CBD interacts more with the 5-HT1a and TRPV1 receptors. The first is the body’s primary serotonin receptor while the latter regulates pain.

Thus, it’s a scientific fact that CBD doesn’t cause intoxication. Because it doesn’t hit the necessary parts of your brain, smoking a lot of CBD won’t make you high. This is also the reason why CBD is a non-addictive substance.

5. CBD Pre-Rolls Are Quick and Convenient

Many CBD users want to avoid the trouble of grinding and rolling up a CBD hemp flower. Instead of preparing a grinder, bong, or vaporizer, you can use up CBD pre-roll minus the hassle.

When you feel like it, you can grab a CBD pre-roll, light it up, and take a hit. Like a cigarette stick, you can have it regardless if you’re at home or on the go. You can enjoy CBD’s relaxing effects as long as you have a pack, a lighter, and a proper place for smoking.

Like a pack of cigarettes, CBD pre-rolls are also easy to share with your friends. This makes it easy to offer a joint to that skeptical friend when you don’t need any extra preparation.

Get The Best CBD Pre Rolls Today

Taking CBD is relaxing and therapeutic. Yet not everyone has the time to prepare a hemp flower. CBD pre-rolls offer convenience without sacrificing any of CBD’s benefits.

With a CBD pre-roll, you can still enjoy the full aromas and flavors of cannabis. Since you take it by smoking, the effects of CBD are quick to kick in. It also doesn’t make you high, giving you only calm and relaxation.

We at SMPLSTC offer the highest-quality CBD pre-rolls. Check out our shop here and pick out the pre-roll of your choice.

cbd pre rolled hemp joints

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